Lee Bell and his service dog Bella. Lee served in the US Army, 2006-2007.

Training provided by Operation Freedom Paws.

“I don’t sleep very much. I still have night terrors and wake up wondering what happened, trying to fill in the gaps. I wake up drenched, soaking wet and Bella will come up and start licking my face and she’ll curl up next to me. When she realizes I’m OK she goes back to her doggie bed. Knowing that she’s there, helping me through night, has me sleeping a little bit better. I know that she’s gonna calm me down and it’s gonna go away. It’s eventually gonna pass. If I start getting anxious with too much to do, she’ll alert me and I’m like, ok, I need to take a break. When I sit down, her tail starts wagging and she gets all excited because I did what she wanted me to do. Bella makes a huge difference.”

-Lee Bell

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