Julie Kirk and her service dog Mal. Julie served in the US Army during the Vietnam era, 1968.

Service dog and training provided by Operation Freedom Paws.


“Life with Mal is wonderful. He doesn’t only help with the PTSD. I also have diabetes and he alerts me if my blood sugar’s off, and he helps me with my balance issues. He will brace for me. If I didn’t have Mal I would never go to the store during the day. I can’t stand to have somebody at my back. In the grocery stores nowadays people love to get right up on your grill. He prevents that from happening. Also, I would never travel. I was afraid to get in the car. Even making this trip. I would be so anxious and panic stricken that my husband almost wanted to put blinders on me because I’d be so jumpy. Where if Mal senses that I’m getting uptight, he’ll come and put his head on my shoulder to calm me down. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been as uptight going places because he’s right there. He does a lot for me. And, he’s a lap dog. He loves laying in my lap. He has my heart.”

-Julie Kirk

View video clips of Julie Kirk & Mal.

Heal! Veterans & Their Service Dogs

Heal! Veterans & Their Service Dogs

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