Alex Gries and her service dog Sherman. Alex served in the U.S. Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq).
Service dog and training provided by Operation Freedom Paws.


Heal! Veterans and Their Service Dogs

“I knew I had severe PTSD and although I don’t show it at work, certain things trigger me. It affects my personal life. I push people away. I have very little emotion. Since I’ve had Sherman a lot of my focus has been on him, and it’s helping me get feelings back into my personal life, feeling that closeness again. I show him a lot of attention because we still are in that bonding stage and it’s helping me actually show love again.

“I get stressed so much and he helps relieve a lot of it. I think he’s put that cherry on top of my life.

“The bond we have…he keeps all my secrets. Being able to tell him things, to talk about things has helped me talk about things to other people.

“I’m out of the dark now. I just gotta remember there’s always that light as long as you step out into it. Sherman has changed my life.” 

–Alex Gries

View video clips of Alex & Sherman.

Heal! Veterans and Their Service Dogs



Heal! Veterans and Their Service Dogs


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