Steve McCullough and his service dog Herbie. Steve served in the U.S. Army, 1988-2010 (Somalia, Kuwait).

Training provided by Operation Freedom Paws.



“Herbie goes everywhere with me–to the movies, out to eat, and up to the hills. I have pushed myself further as a result of this dog, so he’s been very beneficial. And I’ve dropped 60 pounds as well, since he’s been getting me out of the house.

“One of my injuries affects my balance and I fall a lot. I’ve fallen a good four times since Herbie’s been with me. He checks to see if I’m okay and then he stays and waits until I’m ready to get up and then he braces. I had one fall where it was bad enough for me to lay there for awhile and man, he was there in a snap, two seconds, and he doesn’t say, ‘get up, get up.’ He says, ‘let me know when you’re ready to get up, I’m right here.’ He just waits and licks my ear and makes you feel not alone in your pain.”

–Steve McCullough






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