Nick Galvan and his service dog Mallah. Nick served in the U.S Marine Corps, 2008-2012 (Afghanistan).

Training provided by Operation Freedom Paws.


“One episode that I had was during a winter class at school. A young lady was giving her speech for public speaking and was talking about her [head to toe] Muslim garb. Seeing that full garb, it made me flash back. My heart started pounding. Everything was in slow motion. I had tunnel vision. It was like I was shaking. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I ended up having to remove myself from the class because there was no way I could deal with it. It was too much of an overload at that time.

“Mallah is able to alert me to that sort of situation. She’ll jump up on me, get on my lap, like ‘Aaaay! I want up. Check yourself.’ And then, it’s okay.”

-Nick Galvan






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